A Tip for Your Next Psychic Reading

Even nowadays, the term ‘psychic’ can invokes images of someone in a turban with their fingers pressed to their temples attempting to see far into the future.

While that’s thankfully not an accurate picture (I can’t pull off the turban look), it’s all too common.

Psychic readers who have been practicing awhile are accustomed to smiling and shaking their head at, “What number am I thinking?” type questions.

Obviously, when you’re getting a psychic reading, you can ask anything you want – it’s YOUR reading 🙂

But why not get the most out of your reading? I’m talking about something that *could* lead to a major “Aha” moment, people…

Let’s Talk Present vs. Fortune Telling

Sure, we all spend time dreaming and planning and worrying about the future. But we spend far more time in the PRESENT…

The day-to-day grind, cooking, cleaning, and hopefully a little time to relax and binge watch The Bachelor on a Saturday night.

So, if you’re thinking of having a psychic reading to ask a “yes/no” type of question (which can give you some temporary relief)…

Why not have a psychic reading to REFRAME the way you see the situation and empower yourself?

Here’s an example:

Rosie is offered an awesome new job. But instead of dancing in the streets with joy, she gets a major knot in her stomach and responds with a, “Let me think about it.”

Rosie has been wondering, worrying, and losing sleep, so she decides to have a psychic reading.

During her reading, instead of asking whether she’ll be happy in this job in 10 years or not, Rosie asks for insight into her present situation, like this:

First, Rosie and the psychic dig into why she’s not happy in her current job. The psychic totally “gets” Rosie and she’s crying and nodding her head, Yes that resonates!

Now, Rosie asks the psychic the million dollar question: Why am I hesitating at taking this new job? I mean, it has better pay, a shorter commute, and I get to work from home in my slippers on Fridays?! 

The psychic reader tunes in and knocks Rosie’s socks off…

Come to find out, that knot in her stomach is coming from a belief that was ingrained into her as a child:

“Life is hard and then you die.”

How lovely, right?

It hits her like a V-8… OMG, it’s SO true! This belief has stopped Rosie from trying new things so. many. times. in the past. She ALWAYS plays the martyr role!

So this new opportunity (even though it’s phenomenal) is making Rosie super uncomfortable because of the way she is framing the situation.

Rosie needed to be validated and told that she CAN be happy. In fact, it’s her birthright! And, her spiritual team of Guides and Masters are right beside, her cheering her on all the way. The psychic reader is just here to help her put all of the pieces together.

Though she’s still a little nervous (she IS stepping outside of her comfort zone after all) she’s feeling excited at this new possibility and where it will take her. She is empowered.

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