New Year

In this unprecedented time of fury and unrest, it is best to find your center and try your hardest to breathe and not feel fear because fear breeds fear.  With that, I for one will continue to fight for justice.  Happy New Year! Vive La Resistance!!

Better Things

As the Universe is transforming and shifting, we are seeing a lot of the Ugly emerge, but this is what is meant to be, bringing it out so it can be addressed and ultimately, healed.  A time for great Patience and Love…”Forgive them, for they (deep in their souls) know not what they do.” Big, big changes afoot. Breathe and accept, everyone has a purpose in this lifetime.  Some will be called upon to open portals for the coming Shifts. I don’t know how this will manifest but Fear not…


Well it’s the day after the day after the day after the tumultuous election.  What will this legacy be?  Will democracy survive:  We can only watch and hope.  As the French Revolution Army of the People said, “Allons, enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrive!”  In English,

Arise, children of the Fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us tyranny’s
Bloody banner is raised
Do you hear, in the countryside
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?

Challenging Times

Along with almost everyone else in the U.S., I have experienced tremendous anxiety and restlessness concerning the upcoming Election.

What I can advise to relax is to take baths in lavender salts, breathe deeply, and try to maintain a routine nightly sleeping and daily eating pattern.
I believe all the human angst has even affected Nature, as we see increasing earthquakes, unexplained airline explosions, and unseasonal weather.
Praying for the most humane outcome that will also be historical.