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Psychic Help – Where to Get the Best and 4 Reasons You Should

I’m a huge believer in psychic help because of phrases like these: “Life’s hard, get a helmet.” “Life is hard, and then you die.” “That’s life – you have to go through hard times.” “Every time something gets good, life comes back around and ruins it.” Blah! You’ve heard people say things like that, right? […]

Future Predictions – Psychic Secrets You Need to Know

Future predictions are fun, not gonna lie. So let’s say you’re at a psychic reading, and the psychic tells you what you’ve been DYING to hear… juicy specifics of your future life. Namasta-YAY! You really are going to have two children/become a teacher/meet your soulmate/learn to rock hats. But here’s the scoop… even when future […]

Soulmate Astrology – 5 Factors That Determine Compatibility

Soulmate astrology is a fun way to determine our compatibility with others. Seriously, it’s like having a crystal ball into our relationships! I mean… we all wanna know how we click with others, right? Is this new guy my soulmate? I’m a Pisces. I *was* dating an Aries, but he was soooo not ready to […]

A Tip for Your Next Psychic Reading

Even nowadays, the term ‘psychic’ can invokes images of someone in a turban with their fingers pressed to their temples attempting to see far into the future. While that’s thankfully not an accurate picture (I can’t pull off the turban look), it’s all too common. Psychic readers who have been practicing awhile are accustomed to […]