Soulmate Astrology – 5 Factors That Determine Compatibility

Soulmate astrology is a fun way to determine our compatibility with others. Seriously, it’s like having a crystal ball into our relationships!

I mean… we all wanna know how we click with others, right?

  • Is this new guy my soulmate?
  • I’m a Pisces. I *was* dating an Aries, but he was soooo not ready to commit. Is that an Aries thing?
  • Why didn’t Ben and Jen work? They were so cute together!

To be honest, soulmate astrology can be tricky business because there are 5 main variables that go into it. BUT, it’s so accurate and interesting, that it’s completely worth learning!

Today, we’ll cover all of these parts. By the end of this post, you’ll be a Soulmate Astrology 101 whiz! 🙂

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