What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Aura?

What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Aura?

Your aura is a luminous appearance of light around your physical body. It shifts and changes with your moods, your health, emotional state, and your interactions with others. Not everyone can see auras, but if anyone has ever said, “You have a blue aura,” you may wonder what it meant? Often sensitive psychics and intuitives are able to see or sense the aura surrounding an individual. Some psychics can even tell you what it means in relation to your personality or psychic abilities.

Generally speaking, people have mixed colors in their auras, with one that dominates. Having blue in one’s aura is common, though a pure blue aura is rare. There are many shades of blue and they all mean slightly different things. And that’s what we are looking at today.

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The Meaning of Blue
Overall, blue is the color of tranquility, peace and healing. It demonstrates a calm temperament, creative tendencies and a person who has a gentle authority and innate wisdom. However, blue has a stormy side too, so someone with a blue aura, or who is strongly drawn to the color blue, will have deep, usually hidden, emotions. They may have difficulty balancing their feelings with their cool logic.

Dark Blue/Indigo Aura
People with a blue-indigo aura have the ability to set their imagination free. Think of an inky blue infinite sky. Everything and anything is possible. If you have a dark blue-indigo aura, you are sensitive and intuitive. You are a creative thinker and an excellent communicator. You are a born teacher; able to reach out to other people in a unique way that sets them at ease. You can explain complex ideas and concepts in a way that people can understand. Consider building on your abilities by choosing work that fits in with your natural aura.

If Your Aura is a Bright Blue
If you have a predominantly bright blue aura, it means that you have a positive and serene personality. You are likely to always see the good in people. You are trusting and trustworthy. You treat people exactly the way you like to be treated. Fairness and cooperation are important. You love interacting with young children because their curiosity, sense of fun and pure enjoyment of life resonates with your own personality, and for those reasons you would make an excellent early-years teacher. Having said that, you are also able to work with elderly people, especially those who have learned to develop an appreciation of life.

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