What Does It Mean to Have a White or Silver Aura?

What Does It Mean to Have a White or Silver Aura?

Auras are fields of energy surrounding the human body, and every living thing on the planet. And Earth, itself, also has several fields of energy around it which protect its inhabitants. Auras around people tend to flicker with various colors which change according to our emotions and the energies around us. There is usually a predominant color at any given time. We’ve already looked at blue and black auras, so now we’re examining what it means if you have a white or silver aura.

White and silver (usually seen as a pale gray) are closely related so we’re treating them as one and the same. White is the purest auric color and is very rare. People sensitive to auras may see silvery-white flickers around certain people but it’s not often that they see someone with a pure white aura.

Qualities of White and Silver
White is the purest color, in that it is comprised of all the colors of the spectrum. It reflects every other visible wavelength of light, even the ones only available to those people who have tetrachromacy (the ability to see extra colors). It is the equivalent of zero; it holds the potential for every other color and color quality. This means that it contains positive and negative in equal balance.

White and its associated quality of purity have long been associated with religion, from Druidry to Islam and Christianity, which is why priests and pilgrims wear white robes. And why baptism gowns and wedding dresses are usually white.

White promotes a sense of peace and calm, of clarity and simplicity. White is the pristine page, the beautiful bridal dress, and the clothing of the newborn baby. At the same time, white symbolizes sterility and emptiness. A completely empty, white room offers little in the way of comfort or stimulus to the imagination.

Silver is connected to the moon and its qualities of cycles, intuition, empathy, and psychic awareness.

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